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Accessories and Logistics

The safe and efficient positioning, storage and movement of Sharpsmart containers is important inside a healthcare facility and also in transit to and from the facility.

Our brackets and accessories are designed to locate a sharps disposal container as close as possible to the point of use in order to avoid the risk associated with additional movement to dispose of the sharp item.

Our logistics solutions bring safety and efficiency to this part of your sharps management system too. Delivery carts and Wallsmart storage options for inside your facility and transporters for secure, protective transport of Sharpsmart containers between your facility and the processing site.

Cartsmart 1

Enables convenient, mobile mounting of Sharpsmarts. Adjustable height allows for use in a variety of locations and tough plastic construction is easy to keep clean.

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Cartsmart 2

Accommodates two S32 Sharpsmart Access Plus Collectors for convenient, mobile use. Provides high-volume disposal of bulky sharps without excessive weight when full.

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Transporteur de Sharpsmart large

Transporteur imperméable et de grande taille pour la livraison et le stockage sur place des contenants Sharpsmart. Le transporteur est verrouillé, retraçable et élimine le besoin d'empaquetage de carton.

Peut contenir 72 x S14 ; ou 48 x S22 ; ou 36 x S32 ou une combinaison de grandeurs diverses.

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H2035mm x L1105mm x P1235mm
Dynamic Floorstand

The Dynamic Floorstand has stable floor mounting, slightly elevating the collector from the ground. An easy access foot pedal provides hands-free operation and small sturdy back wheels enable short distance mobility.

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Static Floorstand

The Static Floorstand elevates collectors off the ground in a fixed position. An easy access foot pedal provides hands-free operation.

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